Carbon Film Fixed resistors
Metal Film Fixed resistors
Fusible Metal Film resistors
Wire Wound Non-Inductive Type resistors
Cement Type Resistors
SMD Resistors

PCB Our PCB factory has obtained ISO 9001 and UL, and we specialize in single-sided, double-sided, 4 layer to 8 layers at a very competitive price with excellent quality. Lead time is 7 to 10 days only.
Fuse and Thermostat
Semiconductor We are specialized in SMD IC, full series SMD OPTO coupler, which is wildly used in communication, satellites, CCTV, mobile phone, pager, wireless telephone. Main brand: Analog Devlces; Atmel; Maxim; Intel; Jrc; Micrel; Microchip; Motorola; Nec; Philips; Rohm; Samsung; Sanyo; Toshiba; Xilinx; Lattice.

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