Printed circuit boards
Elecsound has strong offer for PCBs. Our PCB factory is ISO9002 and UL certificated. Products are SGS certificated. We specialize in single-side PCB, double-side PCB, 4 layers PCB to 8 layers PCB.  if you need PCB, please send us " gerber" file.
Item Specs
2 Layers Multilayers
Layers 2 4 to 12
Base material 0.5~10oz 0.5~10oz
Thickness scope of boards 0.2~4.0mm 0.40~5.2mm
Bow and twist Q0.5% Q0.5%
Test Voltage 100DCV 100-200DCV
Maximum size 560〜610mm 560〜610mm
Minimum line width 0.10/0.10mm 0.10/0.10mm
Hole wall copper R25.0um R25.0um
Minimum solder resist isolation ring 0.076mm 0.076mm
Minimum Hole Dia 0.25mm 0.20mm
Allowence of hole diameter PTH \0.076mm \0.076mm
NPTH \0.05mm \0.05mm
Allowence of hole site \0.076mm \0.05mm
Precision of outline size Routing \0.10mm \0.10mm
Punching \0.13mm \0.13mm
Minimum solder resist width R0.10mm R0.075mm
Thermal Stress 288 10 second 288 10 second
Surface processing technology OSP, HAL immersion silver, immersion gold OSP, HAL immersion silver, immersion gold
Quality Standard IPC-A-600F,IPC-ML-950 IPC-A-600F,IPC-ML-950


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