Shenzhen Initially Forms Airlines Electronic Components Industry Chain

Data: 2014-02-24

Yesterday afternoon, the Shenzhen Institute of Technology Avionics and Shenzhen Industrial Park awarding ceremony was held at the Chi Heng strategic emerging industrial park. Vice Mayor, Chen Biao and China's civil aviation chief engineer, Zhang Hongying together for the Shenzhen Institute of Technology avionics inaugurated. It is understood that the avionics industry is the core of the aviation industry , but also an important part of the strategic emerging industries , with a high level of technology , capital-intensive , high value-added products , strong driving ability. As the first national innovation-oriented city and global electronic information industry base , Shenzhen, initially formed in areas such as aviation electronic components industry chain , with Shennan Circuit and a number of companies with strong technical strength . The establishment of the Institute of Aviation Research will be carried out electronic core technology , to enhance the city's level of avionics technology development and industrial development , promoting technological progress and upgrading of China's civil aviation has important significance. Zhang Hongying said he employed in aviation for 32 years , witnessed the development of China's civil aviation , also noticed a problem - mostly rely on imports of aircraft , 2,200 commercial aircraft monopolized most of the American and European companies . The engines, aircraft avionics products are manufactured in high-end products , avionics products is characterized by small size, high technology content , high added value , also several large European avionics monopoly in the world. "In shenzhen some innovative , dynamic, powerful electronics company began venturing into the avionics industry , this is very exciting news ." Zhang Hongying said he has been a long-cherished wish , hope to see these high-end products , we can not only repair , but also create their own . Shenzhen enterprises have begun to study the crosslinking Beidou satellite and Anglo-American aircraft. We know that this road will be very bumpy , but its contribution and significance are very large , so there must be a group of people dare to eat crab , the courage to try .

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